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Ft Washington Md Car Battery Replacement

If you need car battery replacement, how do you know you’re getting a quality battery?

After all, there are plenty of cheap, cut-rate batteries out there, and a subpar battery can cause all kinds of problems.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can measure the quality of a battery to make sure you’re getting both performance and reliability.

And if you’re looking for car battery replacement in Fort Washington, Md, you can be sure the experts at Wiygul Automotive will give you the best possible battery that measures up to all the highest standards.

One of the most important standards is the rating of the battery. To ensure the longest possible battery life, quality repair shops always install a battery with a CCA or aH rating that is lower than the recommended rating of the manufacturer.

This ensures the electrical integrity of the battery, and it lets you know you’re getting a great replacement that will deliver plenty of power during every start. To understand how the CCA and aH standards a little more, let’s break down the specifics of how they work.

Specifically, the CCA rating measures the cold cranking power of the battery. It tells you how much power your battery can provide at zero degrees (F). There’s also the CA rating, which measures the cranking amps, but that figure can be deceptive because the test is considered easier.

Now let’s look at the aH rating, which measures the amp-hour rating. With some imports, for instance, this number is typically 78 aH, which tells you how many minutes a battery can provide a specific level of current, which usually has to be 20 amperes.

So what does it all mean? These numbers may seem more than a little random, and some of the designations and terms may read like gibberish, but to battery replacement pros like the folks at Wiygul Automotive in Fort Washington, Md, they provide valuable information.

They allow the pros to match the right numbers to your vehicle, thus ensuring a replacement battery that will keep you on the road when virtually all of the cut-rate batteries have failed and died.

It's also important to know the rating standards. For example, the Group 24 number reflects an industry standard that spells out the physical size of the battery, the configuration of the compartment to hold it in place, and the type of terminals that must be used along with their location. If the right group number is selected and the numbers are carefully checked, you’ll get a great battery that will deliver the power you need. If an error is made, though, you may find yourself back in the shop or stranded on the road, looking for yet another car battery replacement.

There’s no reason to let that happen when it's relatively easy to get a great replacement battery. If you’re looking for car battery replacement in Fort Washington, Md, consult the experts at Wiygul Automotive and make sure the numbers come out right. They’ll sweat the details and get you back out on the road, and once they do you can count on worry-free travel!


Fort Washington, MD

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