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Synthetic Oil Change in Herndon, VA

Replacing your engine’s oil is probably the most crucial car maintenances a driver is supposed to do at regular intervals. Engine oil plays an essential role in the smooth running of your car's engine and thus your vehicle.

It prevents friction between the metal parts of your engine while also helping to keep the engine surfaces clean. What’s more, it helps prevent rust and corrosion of the metal parts in your engine and also cools the engine when the temperatures get too hot.

After a certain period, you need to do your synthetic oil change due to factors such as dust and other debris hindering the oil from performing its core functions. Wiygul Automotive Clinic is the best when it comes to a synthetic oil change in Herndon, VA. You can drive in or schedule an appointment to get your oil checked and changed if necessary.

One of the questions we usually get at the clinic is on the debate on which is better when it comes to synthetic oil and traditional motor oil. With our broad experience in synthetic oil change in Herndon, VA, we have the answers to this debate.

Synthetic oil Vs. Conventional oil

When breaking down this debate, we have to look at the components making synthetic oil. It is made of two components, base stock, and performance additives.

When it comes to base stock, it is manufactured rather than natural, which makes it purer than conventional oil. This makes it withstand temperature changes much more efficiently, translating to a much longer time before it breaks down. If you are living in Virginia, this is an important aspect, especially on the cold mornings when your vehicle first starts up.

Both synthetic and conventional oils have performance additives added to them. However, the ones in synthetic oil are created to prevent engine sludge and mineral deposits that can occur in all oil types. Temperature plays a huge role since synthetic oil, offers extra protection in extreme weather situations.

The other benefits that come with synthetic oil include; longer time intervals between oil changes and better protection in extreme driving conditions, for example, when driving in rush hour traffic. It also provides added protection for your engine, helping to extend its life in the process.

The price concern is the only drawback of synthetic oil. It is significantly more expensive than conventional oil, which makes synthetic oil changes more expensive. That is not to say that you shouldn't use synthetic oil because of the price.

The price difference is offset with the fact that you will take longer before you change your oil than when you are using conventional oil. It takes between 5000-7000 miles before you change your synthetic oil, while it requires 3000 miles before you change your conventional oil.

With synthetic oil, you get much better car performance for a long time. Therefore, schedule your synthetic oil change in our clinic in Herndon, VA, to keep your car's engine in peak form when you are on the road.


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