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Synthetic Oil Change in Reston, VA

Regular oil changes are a significant part of your overall car health. It’s a good idea to always talk to your auto repair technician to know the right time to change your engine oil. If you are looking to have a synthetic oil change in Reston, VA, then your best option is our Wiygul Automotive Clinic.

We have the best technicians and equipment to handle all your car's needs. When it comes to a motor oil change, we can perform an SAE test to determine your motor oil's viscosity and advise you whether to change it or not.

What is Motor Oil Viscosity?

It refers to how easily the oil pours at a particular temperature. Simply it is the thickness of the oil. A car’s engine needs oil that is suitably thin for cold starts and also thick enough when the engine gets hot. The viscosity of your vehicle's oil, will determine the health of your car's engine.

An SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) test helps the technicians determine the viscosity of your oil. A lower viscosity rating signifies that your oil is thin, while a higher score translates to a thick oil. Lighter oils pour quickly in cold temperatures while more viscous oil flows smoothly in hot temperatures.

Thin motor oils are best for reducing friction when the temperatures are low, while thick oils are best for maintaining film strength with high temperatures.

Schedule a synthetic oil change in Reston, VA, and have a viscosity test performed to determine if you need an oil change. Our technicians will offer invaluable advice on the best oil viscosity to have, particularly in Northern Virginia.

What viscosity do synthetic oils have?

Synthetic oils are manufactured to provide the best features of both thick and thin oils. If the oil is too thin, there will be increased friction between the engine parts and will also lead to increased fuel consumption. If the oil is too thick, there will be increased fluid friction, which causes inefficient energy consumption. It also causes starting difficulty.

The manufacturers of engine oil formulate it from various oil grades to make sure that the oil viscosity is at the right balance to offer benefits of low and high viscosity.

However, with time and due to impurities and other factors, the viscosity of the oil changes making it either too thin or thick, hindering the best performance of your engine. That is why it is essential to have regular oil checks and viscosity tests to know when to change your oil.

Have your synthetic oil change in Reston, VA, at our Wiygul Automotive Clinic to ensure that your car remains in the best condition. We have highly qualified and trustworthy technicians who will give you the best advice and recommendations when it comes to your oil change needs.


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