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Synthetic Oil Change in Waldorf, MD

Having routine car maintenance is an essential factor in keeping your car at peak condition for a long time. One of the most basic car maintenance activities is regular oil changes. The oil is critical in keeping all parts of your engine running smoothly. It is also a coolant for your engine and keeps engine surfaces clean by trapping dust and other debris.

You can have your synthetic oil change in Waldorf, MD at our Wiygul Automotive Clinic. With expert techs and a focus on the client's needs, you will be sure to get excellent service, leaving you satisfied every time.

One of the most important activities we undertake when changing your oil is changing your oil filter as well. It is part of the oil change process at the center and is significant in ensuring your car remains in peak condition at all times.

Importance of the oil filter and why you need to change it regularly

The oil filter is essential as it traps large particles of dirt, metal particles, and carbon from your engine before they can cause any damage. The more particles it can hold, the better as it allows for efficient energy consumption and less friction in your engine.

It also protects your engine since it retains a small amount of oil when you turn off your car. The retained oil quickly circulates when you start your vehicle, restoring proper lubrication in a quick time. This helps to maintain the excellent health of your engine.

It is, therefore, vital to change your oil filter before it gets clogged. During your oil change process, our technicians will inspect your oil filter to determine if it needs replacing as well. If you wait too long before changing your oil and oil filter, it may become ineffective in trapping contaminants.

The particles may build up, restricting the flow of oil due to the blockage of the filter. This makes the oil not to reach all parts of the engine and may lead to severe damage to your car's engine, therefore, necessitating expensive repairs.

To avoid this costly situation, visit our clinic and have the best synthetic oil change service in Waldorf, MD. We guarantee to give you tips and advice on what is needed to do to keep your engine in excellent working condition.

How oil change can affect your car’s performance

If you do not regularly change your oil, you lose the performance of your vehicle. Dirt and dust allow for sludge build-up in your engine, which limits the oil's ability to dissipate heat, which in turn increases engine stress.

If you run sludgy oil the following happens:

  • A decrease in fuel consumption efficiency
  • The oil loses it lubricity making the engine work harder
  • The oil loses its ability to reach all parts of your engine
  • The engine runs hotter robbing the engine both horsepower and gas mileage

It is, therefore, vital to have regular oil changes to maintain your car’s engine. Visit our clinic to have a synthetic oil change in Waldorf, MD, to keep your engine in top form for a long time.


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